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Bucket List

Over the last few year I’ve ticked a few things off my ‘Bucket List’. While spending the Easter holidays in Cape Town it occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat down and wrote a Bucket List. So I did. I back tracked a few years, but here it is. I’ve set myself a task of completing it by the time I’m 30 (minus adopting a child). Four years of fun ahead.

In no particular order:

1. Bungee Jump (tick)


Victoria Falls, Zambia 2009 (Ok, so this pic is of Ash, mine resulting in vomiting, much to the locals amusement- ‘You are feeding the fish”)

2. Live in Africa (tick)


Over my 26 humble years I am privileged to have spent a total of 30 months in this beautiful continent: Kenya 1998 (1month), East Africa 2006 (6 months), Uganda 2008 (1 month), South/East Africa 2009 (6 months), Uganda 2011 (1 month), East/Southern Africa 2012 (6 months), August 2013- current (9 months)

3. Sky Dive (tick)


Cape Town 2014

4.Run a marathon (tick)


May 2012

6. Travel the World (tbc)

7. Learn another language (tbc)

8. Climb Kilimonjaro (tbc)

9. Set up a hostel (tbc)

*Read previous blogs if interested more in this dream!

10. Adopt a child (tbc)

I am so glad to have had the above experiences. Living in Uganda makes me appreciate the simple things in life, aswell as the wonderful opportunities I have had to explore the world. Although at times it’s easy to forget- I am grateful.

Life in Kampala continues to be as busy as ever. I can’t believe I’ve been here for 9 months. I’ve confirmed staying at the school I’m teaching in for another year which is a mix of emotions. I’m enjoying life and appreciating the beauty of the everyday things, plus equally missing life and friends back home.

I have a busy and fun year planned. Home at the end of June to visit my nearest and dearest, a months travel to South America, back to Uganda with family visiting in August. October’s holiday is open… suggestions welcomed.

All in all 2014 has treated me well so far, including a fun beginning of the year back home in Northern Ireland, meeting some weird and wonderful people from around the globe, weekend in adventures in Jandira village and amazing holidays to Mombasa and Cape town. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming months amidst my (at times) confused and unsettled mind.

Last note- write a bucket list- and do it!